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Researchers Attach Lyme Disease Antibodies to Nanotubes, Paving Way for Diagnostic Device

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Mar. 26, 2013 — Early diagnosis is critical in treating Lyme disease. However, nearly one quarter of Lyme disease patients are initially misdiagnosed because currently available serological tests have poor sensitivity and specificity during the early stages of infection. Misdiagnosed patients may go untreated and thus progress to late-stage Lyme disease, where they face longer and more invasive treatments, as well as persistent symptoms.

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  1. My homeopathic doctor diagnosed me with Lyme, Hep B, EBV, Toxoplasmosis. She does not have the ability to test for most common co-infections. My family doctor (D.O.) wants me to order blood testing through Igenex. Which tests should I order? My main symptoms are crawling under the skin on my face, extreme fatigue, my teeth are breaking off, bladder stopped working, edema-esp. legs and feet, picasso-like strobing vision, pain and I was treated for encephalitis but the symptoms keep coming back. I must use a GPS in the car. I need help remembering names. If I overdo it, my ribs-especially in my back spasm and squeeze like I’m having a heart attack. My family thinks I’m faking it.

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