The Public Health Laboratory of Quebec reports new cases of Lyme disease and bartonella

New cases of Lyme disease and bartonella have been reported for the 17 month period July, 2011, to November, 2012.

These cases are only those that passed the narrow 2 tier lab protocol that is not capable of detected all known human pathogenic strains/species of the Lyme disease (a borreliosis).  This number will represent a serious under-reporting of the actual number of cases.  see Table 1 on page 5 of report…

63 cases of Lyme, 168 cases of bartonella

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  • Tony Q. King says:

    I had Lyme Carditis last fall (self diagnosed – no doctor ever came out and actually said it.)
    I suspect few of them had ever heard of it.

    I had earlier experienced a fever which I forgot all about, and then 3 weeks later, developed bradycardia for about a week, so I foolishly finally went to the local (rural) hospital. Not knowing what was causing it (30-35 bpm), they shrugged and shipped me off to the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal (about 90 Km away), where ONE bright doctor suggested I just might have Lyme. Really? I wanna see the literature!

    Once I read the literature while waiting for my pacemaker to be inserted, it was Bingo! as far as I was concerned. I had already experienced all the other symptoms.
    I should have refused the pacemaker, but alas, I was stuck in the Cardio ICU at the Jewish General in Montreal with no pants, otherwise I would have gotten dressed and walked out over their protests!

    Now I am REALLY pissed off!
    Anyone wanna buy a slightly used Medtronix pacemaker? It probably shut itself off about a week after I got home. Battery should be good for another ten years…
    Oh yeah- its installation also resulted in a punctured lung and two days of PneumoThorax treatment. Thanx, Doc!