Janet’s Story

I was a healthy, active 57-year-old wife and grandmother until April 12. I walk regularly and for my height of 5’6 inch maintain a healthy weight of 130lbs.

On April 12 I noticed a yeast-like infection and attended the local walk-in clinic. My symptoms also included fever, chills, racing heartbeat, inner vibrations, nausea and a tightness across the forehead. The clinic had lab tests done and when the results were in, they confirmed it was a yeast infection and issued a prescription for FLUCONAZOLE 150mg. Later review on the lab results revealed that the report actually said (Lab report “Test not performed. Dry swab (ProbeTec) not suitable for culture. Please submit appropriate culture swab if clinically indicated. Doctor Notified”)

On May 6 went to see my family doctor. Although the yeast infection appeared to be cleared up I still had an elevated blood pressure, hair loss, insomnia, vision problems and an increasing loss of balance. Despite a mass of blood tests nothing showed positive however Dr. Baldock and I agreed to use ATENOL 50mg to control the escalating blood pressure.

The week of May 22 I was experiencing kaleidoscope vision. HYDROCHOROTHIAZIDE 25mg was added to aid in lowing the blood pressure which was continuing to rise. Exhausting all possible diagnoses, Dr. Baldock suggested I attend Vancouver General Hospital emergency department as they are a teaching facility with leading edge technology. After six hours of testing with no diagnose I was referred to UBC Neurology. At that clinic Dr. Foti examined and recommended immediate hospitalization. With no beds available, another week passed while continuing to deteriorate we returned to VGH emergency where I was admitted to the neurology department under Dr H Briemberg.

Still no diagnoses by the end of the week despite an MRI, 2 CT scans, a spinal and multiple blood tests but was upped to ATENOLOL 100 mg. The Eye Care Centre checked my eyes because of increasing light sensitivity. Exhausting all tests available I was checked out of the hospital in a wheelchair with no diagnose, plugged ears and itching skin. A follow-up was done with Dr. Foti on June 30, who issued a prescription for FLUVOXAMINE MALEATE 50mg to help me sleep.

July 8 we received a phone call from my son-in-law. A co-worker’s spouse had almost identical symptoms after a trip to Mexico (I was in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico February 6-18). The suggestion was to check out Lyme disease.

July 23 I saw Dr. Murakami who because of the elimination of other possible diseases at VGH, a clinical diagnoses was made for Lyme and I was given KETEK 400mg and METRONIDAZOLE 250mg. After four days had the symptoms disappeared and I stopped using the wheelchair. After nine days my blood pressure stated to drop. Today, August 24, 2005 I am off all blood pressure medication and am building my muscles back and feeling almost pre April 12, 2005.


  • Lainey says:

    Happy to hear you finally got answers to your health issues.
    I live in BC and was on a cruise to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in 2009 when “something” took a large chunk of flesh from my leg. I did not feel it happening, it didn’t get infected and eventually cleared up on its own. I assumed it was a spider bite because of the size and the fact I did not feel it happening. Within a few days, back home in BC, I became very ill and ended up in the ER. I was diagnosed with Hepatitis because of the high LFT’s done. The Provincial Lab sent back a report that it was not hepatitis. At the same time I had a lot of joint, bone and muscle pain. I was sent to a rheumatologist who did not have any definitive answers.
    Over the next five years, I would have periods of pain, memory fog and general malaise. Lyme disease did go through my head on occasion but mostly I wrote my symptoms off to “old age” (69). This past November, I ended up with four bouts of flu/cold, one right after the other. During the second bout, my hips, groin, knees became very painful all with balance issues. Again I thought, oh it is just this aging process. After I did some more research, I felt I had enough symptoms that in fact I may have Lyme Disease. The specialist put me on Methotrexate, prednisone, naproxen, folic acid and one other medication. Nothing was working so I did some more research and found a specialist in Florida who was LL. I had an appointment in the middle of my vacation there – blood was drawn and I was also sent to another clinic for further testing for remote diseases spread by vectors. Those were all negative, however, the Western Blot Lyme Tests came back positive! I was right and wasn’t losing my mind. They gave me the reports with a list of medications that would be needed to eradicate the disease. It is the end of April, 2014, I am returning to BC and will start treatment there.
    Because I have had it for five years, it may be difficult to treat and I am aware I will get worse while on the treatment, before I get better.
    I was relieved at first but now I am angry that BC is so far behind in this nasty disease. Doctors need to realize it is a huge problem, not just on the eastern seaboard.

  • Lorraine says:

    I am 61 yrs. young and had my first bullseye rash ( Huge appx 12″ or more) at 24 yrs.I have since been bitten at least 3 times that I know of… One was removed from my groin area in 1993 in B.C and another time when leaving southern Manitoba. Right after the first infection , symptoms were extreme Jaw area, root canal after root canal . The pain was intense..it would make my eyes water. Then my teeth started to break horizontally. Finally removal and denture. The dentists said there was nothing wrong with my teeth. Little did I know that the spirochetes like to take up residence in the jaw bone because antibiotics are not as effective there. My hair started to thin. I would like to say that I was very physically fit , strong and my nickname was sunshine…the personality change was significant. Energy levels changed immediately , went to doctors about rash and changes but was told it was probably a spider. The large rash appeared over and over on darkly tanned skin. I laughed one time when it showed up and said is this some weird kind of birthmark or maybe I was bitten by a shark in a former life. Oh, yes…I started losing extreme weight and was taken to emergency in Calgary , where I was told that my heart was racing sooo fast that it wouldn’t last two years. Was given radioactive iodine for a month ( did nothing) Then had thyroid removed. You haven’t known tired , until you have your thyroid removed. Now dealing with 60 plus pounds and still sick.I cleaned up my diet , tried to increase physical activity to a new normal. Then was at work at fish and wildlife , when all of a sudden..I felt like I was going to pass out..and I did. Then oh sooo sick for about 4 days. It was something I couldn’t explain. IT WAS NOT YOUR REGULAR FLU. symptoms were there but I had learned ways of hiding it. I could no longer drink alchohol, everything seemed to intensify. As time went on I had noticed that every once in a while, without and changes to diet or lifestyle, I would just shrink in size and feel like crap. Then another tick removed and within days, was playing pool and was asked what was wrong with my face…the entire left side had palsey. I went to a mirror and watched it return to place. within days, for no reason, I took a breath and then I couldn’t breathe in or out. I ran an extremely hot bath and crawled in. it took quite a while to recover and my chest and back felt like I had been punched.I would assume thatthis was when something entered my lungs and my immune system panicked. Downhill from there…the doctors said can you make it happen again. Imagine!!!!!!no tests, no xrays…I could barely function, had a husband,two beautiful babies and could hardly get out of bed. I had a horrible, what they called panic attack, and took myself to hosp. for help. I said, what is this. They gave me something and released me . My body ached from head to toe. They said it was stress………..
    Moved to southern alberta, shortly after.. Now sinus infections, one after the other, I would take it and feel slightly better. Then what seemed to be yeast infections, but not, so they say. My hair would just fall out , all of a sudden. I was having a hard time but had two children to raise and so I kept moving forward…I took myself to a psychiatrist and asked what these symptoms are. How do they get away with their diagnosis. it stated in the MSDS of psychiatry for 2013 that if a person complains of more than 4 physical ailments at one time that the diagnosis is phsychomatic. Nice eh !! When you have lyme disease there is always more than one.
    I only have enough energy for work and my sons. Life outside of that was practically non existant.
    In appx. 2004 I returned from Manitoba, where I had removed appx. 15 to 20 large ticks from my jeans. They were all below the knees. When I asked what these were from those who live there. They said they were ticks, but didn’t seem to be upset. Just wipe them away. I didn’t know about lyme disease, and neither did they. Thanks to out medical system ..no information I was in my 3 rd. semester at the college and loving it,. although I was 52 at the time. I had just taken an exam ( I was confident I would pass it) Then when it was over..I felt very strange and a pain in my spine…within minutes I realized I could not figure out how to get out of this college, that was so familiar to me..I went to hosp. no demetia, no stroke, stress test..perfect health. I lost all memory of what I had taken previously for about 4 years. no answers.
    I had hives as big as grapefruits on the insides of both thighs for a year, then started a menstral period that lasted a year. Then a hysterectomy. When I spoke to the doctor after..he said I was hemmorraging badly so they had to open me up to do it, instead of vaginally. He said he couldn’t see where I was bleeding so he removed my uterus and stitched me up. AND THEN, he said” by the way, your uterus was pink and healthy with no cysts. I had told them, that I felt better when I was bleeding. Rather than find out why, my perfectly good uterus was removed and now, I believe that my body was trying to rid some of the toxins that way. It was downhill after that.I was working in sales and had just won a award and offered a trip to Toronto..all expenses paid. BUT: although I looked normal..things were happening..
    My left leg was dragging
    My eyesight had deteriorated so fast
    My eyelids were twitching so badly I would have to hold it while talking to customers
    I tripped while walking with a customer, when I looked to see why, I saw a skid mark on the floor where my leg had drug my foot. I had no idea.
    I had become dyslexic, literally overnight. Every sku todtally backwards
    My left foot was becoming so deformed in the toes and turned blue with black patch
    I couldn’t run the keyboard for sales because my hands had swollen to such a size.
    I couldn’t sleep
    couldn’t digest meat
    swollen abdomen
    exhaustion beyond belief
    and pain, hot searing pain, I told my sister it felt like I had acid running through all of my veins.
    I went to the doctors , I showed them my blue twisted foot and they still called it psycosomatic…I brought my sister to listen…I took a photo of both my feet on white paper…still no acknowledgment.Then I heard about Lyme disease and researched. Then I contacted Dr.E.Murakami in Hope B.C. He saved my life and mind.That man should receive a humanitarian award and an apology from the medical association. I received treatment and within days I noticed the pain slightly declining. I could not afford the treatment in the States but have found help ..Quietly. My G.P. of about 10 years and pages of symptoms documented , told his receptionist to tell me that he will not even discuss Lyme Disease at all. I have been to the bottom , lived it, kept searching and am returning bit by bit to my old self. Doxycycline and Tinidazole as well as other detoxifying….We each are alone with this disease..and although it is different for everyone it still bears the same characteristics and damage of Lyme disease. I have since noticed certain complaints and have asked a man who had been diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis to get tested. He was chair bound for 5 years. Within months of testing positive he was on canes and went RVing with his wife. He has just come back from getting treatment in the states and said his brain is clearing now. Thank God. There is another man in the same city that was diagnosed with Hep C. Now that may very well be..but he tested positive for Lyme as well . Called me after about 4 months of receiving treatment and said he was outside working on his car for the 1st time in years. Not perfect..but a huge step forward from his life alone , suffering , alone in his home. Of course there is a lot more to my story, but my new normal is that I’m back. Thank you D.E.Murakami …Thank you for your determination and tenacity and willingness to share your knowledge…no matter what the consequences. I hope you know that the sacrifices that you have made personally to help others with your insight and knowledge is sincerely appreciated.
    Lorraine Crowder

    Thank you to all that supported and believed in me. I will never stop informing others of lyme disease. You know your body and mind. When they tell you it’s in your mind; say YES …it’s Borrelia and don’t stop till you find someone that will help. Be Strong !