Chuck’s Story

Thank God I have Lyme disease…

I have been poked prodded and told it was all in my head. I have suffered with neurological problems and excruciating pain that would put me in tears.

I have had my knee operated on to only suffer the same symptoms. Many times I was not even able to walk or even stand on the afflicted limbs as the arthritic pain jumped from one leg to another.

Uncontrollable mood swings, depression, headaches, foggy mind syndrome, even confusion and blurred vision. Fortunately I have been blessed with a wife with the patience of Job sometimes doing for me what I could not.

After 7 years of this agony, she was ready to take me out behind the barn like an old arthritic horse and put me out of my misery.

Just in time my Veterinarian suggested I should research Lyme disease, which lead me to a Dr. Murakami in Hope B.C., probably the best-known authority on Lyme disease in B.C.

I also found a Website for the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation of Canada at

I was on the phone to this Dr. and three convincing and educational phone calls later I was in his office at Hope. This Dr. touched me as his gentle eyes portrayed a real caring and genuine empathy for my 7 years of pain. After spending over one hr. with this gentleman I asked him how he came about to be doing this.

He said: “I have been studying tick borne diseases for many years following this phenomenon around the world. I have really enjoyed being able to help people that suffer with tick related diseases with the knowledge I have gained and so my clinic has evolved into a great demand.”

Now that I am feeling better every day I just want to run, jump and holler like a child again. I truly believe I was in the presence of an angel.

Thank You Dr. Murakami.

– Chuck